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Introduction to SQL Database

Course Description

Coding Young brings you an easy way to learn SQL by signing up for SQL courses for kids. If your child is someone who loves critical thinking and solving problems, it is an ideal course for them. With SQL courses for kids, our experts strive hard to teach students how to store, manipulate, and query data using SQL.

SQL Online Course

In case you do not know, SQL is commonly referred as Structured Query Language. It is a special purpose programming language ideal for managing data in relational database. Majority of the medium or large enterprises use SQL to store and organize their data. Coding Young has prepared several lessons to teach students SQL in the easiest way possible.

Our experts understand the significance of developing student’s interest in the subject. We boast for having the easiest course for SQL available online. Register today to stay ahead of the curve.

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 We have experienced and highly professional teachers

 Industry-relevant experience of more than 10 years

Easy to understand course content

Course Curriculum

right-icon  SQL Query Statements
right-icon   Information and Data Models 
right-icon   Types of Relationships 
right-icon   Mapping Entities to Tables
right-icon   Relational Model Concepts
 right-icon  How to Access Databases
right-icon  Loading Data and Querying Data
right-icon  Analyzing Data
right-icon  Join Data Tables


right-icon   SQL Query Statements right-icon  How to Access Databases
right-icon   Information and Data Models  right-icon  Loading Data and Querying Data
right-icon   Types of Relationships  right-icon  Analyzing Data
right-icon   Mapping Entities to Tables right-icon  Join Data Tables
right-icon   Relational Model Concepts  







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