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Full-stack Web Development
COMPLETED CY103, 203, AND 204

Course Description

Coding Young’s Full Stack web development course utilizes student’s previous knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create advanced websites. Did you know Netflix and PayPal websites, which have both turned into multibillion dollar businesses, were created with JavaScript?

Web Development For Kids

Designed for older kids, this course is meant for those who already have  a good understanding of JavaScript and HTML/CSS and can think like a programmer-logically and mathematically. Your child will gain a deeper understanding of web development by learning learn how to create complex back-end frameworks for websites. Optimizing website’s interactivity by writing efficient code and debugging will enhance their skill set in web development.

The assignments further enable the students build custom websites with fully functional back-end systems. Under the guidance of Coding Young instructors  kids can create an entire portfolio of websites. This can be very useful while applying for internships and jobs in prestigious institutions. They can also gain relevant work experience by offering to build websites for small businesses and get an early headstart in tech related or entrepreneurial careers they might want to pursue in near future.

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